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Charitable Foundation

In 1996, Envision Financial (then Delta Credit Union) had a vision to create a sustainable source of community funding. To make this dream a reality, the Credit Union established a charitable foundation with an initial donation of $200,000 toward an endowment.

This endowment is now known as the Envision Financial Community Endowment and is housed with the First West Foundation. Annual donations from the Credit Union as well as donations from our members have grown this fund to over $15.2 million.

The Envision Financial Community Endowment has helped make a variety of community dreams a reality and we have proudly invested over $5.1 million into our communities since the endowment's inception.

In addition to the Envision Financial Community Endowment, the First West Foundation also manages a number of other endowment, donor and agency funds including:

  • First West Credit Union Leaders Fund
  • Valley First Community Endowment
  • Island Savings Community Endowment
  • Enderby & District Financial Community Endowment
  • Envision-Region Employees' Endowment
  • Peter Podovinikoff Scholarship Endowment
  • Frank Jamieson Memorial Endowment
  • Gord and Enrica Huston Endowment
  • Ben H. Voth Legacy Endowment
  • Sally O’Sullivan Legacy Endowment
  • Haukeland Family Legacy Endowment
  • Peter Bell Legacy Endowment
  • Rod Dewar Legacy Endowment
  • SOS Children's Village Agency Fund

For more information on the projects supported by the Envision Financial Community Endowment as well as the First West Foundation, please visit firstwestfoundation.ca.

Get involved

The First West Foundation is a registered charity established in 1996 by the management and Board of Directors of First West Credit Union. Our purpose is to support initiatives that help create resourceful and resilient communities and to encourage philanthropy for continued community support. Contact us to see how you can make a donation.

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