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Title Insurance

This insurance is for you if:

  • you own a home and you want to protect it from fraud.
  • you're building a home and you're concerned about surveying errors.
  • your neighbor has plotted out a fence line that is on your property.


Coverage Details

  • Fraud—fraudulently obtained mortgages on your home
  • Identity theft
  • Errors in surveys or other official public records
  • Encroachments onto neighboring properties
  • Zoning infractions
  • Many more known and unknown defects that could affect your ability to sell your property in the future*

Title Insurance from First Canadian Title covers all legal expenses related to restoring your title to your property, meaning that you do not have to take time off work to manage initial legal fees, and deal with the added stress necessary to defend yourself.

*See policy for specific coverages.

Insurance by FCT Insurance Company Ltd. Services by First Canadian Title Company Limited.


As a full service insurance broker, Envision Insurance will provide you with the best rates possible for the coverage you need.

General Costs

In general, several things contribute to the cost of title insurance:

  • Type of policy
  • Home value
  • Type of home
  • Number of mortgages being insured

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