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Account Services

Envision Financial has made it simple for you to receive services that benefit you, whether it is keeping personal items safe or sending money to a friend, we've got you covered.

Referral Perks

Refer a friend to open a new account—you get $100 and your friend gets $100!

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Deposit Insurance

Your deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Interac e-Transfer

Need to send money quickly and securely? Consider using our online Interac e-Transfer®.

Direct Deposit

Setting up direct deposit for your payroll or government payments is a convenient and reliable way to access your money sooner.

Me-to-Me Transfer

Move money around between your accounts at Envision Financial and those you hold at other Canadian financial institutions.

Safety Deposit Box

Don't risk losing valuables and important papers by keeping them at home. Rent an Envision Financial safety deposit box and relax, knowing your items are secure.

Office Cheques & Drafts

Send money conveniently and securely through the mail, in any currency

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