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Shopping online? Now you can pay for your online purchases directly from your Envision Financial account using our online banking service. It's simple, just look for the Interac® Online logo when you’re checking out.

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What is Interac® Online?

Interac® Online allows you to pay for your online purchases directly from your Envision Financial account, using our secure online banking service. A great alternative to using credit cards or other online payment services, Interac® Online payments are withdrawn right away so it’s easier to manage your money.

With Interac® Online, your account information stays private. The online retailer won’t see your Envision Financial account number, or your login information.

What You'll Need

You'll need access to our secure online banking service
To get started, visit one of our branches to obtain your secure personal access code—if you already have one, you're all set. You can login to online banking at any time.

You'll also need a personal computer or mobile phone with an Internet browser which supports cookies, SSL, and tables.

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Rest easy knowing you're account is secured. Simply sign up to receive alerts which let you know when an Interac® Online payment has been authorized from your account.



Interac® Online is a registered trademark of Interac Inc. used under license.

How It Works

How does Interac® Online work?

Shop online at your favourite stores. Then when you’re ready to check out simply:

  1. Select the Interac® Online payment option
  2. Choose Envision Financial from the list of financial institutions—you’ll be taken to the Envision Financial login page
  3. Login to Envision Financial online banking
  4. Select the account you'd like to make your payment from
  5. Confirm the payment details and you’re done

Your purchase will be processed through your account just like your other purchases, that way, you can keep track of your Interac® Online payments with your Envision Financial account statement.

Here’s a closer look at how it works


Where can I use Interac® Online?
Look for the Interac® Online option at the checkout when you shop online. Visit the list of participating online retailers on the Interac website.

Are there any additional account fees for using Interac® Online?
There are no additional fees for using Interac® Online with either our Simply Free Account™ or our Unlimited Chequing For Business® account. There may be a small fee for using this service with our other accounts. Please visit the BANK section of our website, and access the fee details for the specific account that you have.

Is it secure?
Yes it is secure. Interac® Online uses your existing Envision Financial online banking access to complete your online purchases. That way, your purchase is secure, and you don't need to sign up or create any new passwords or accounts.

Are there spending limits for this feature?
For security purposes, there are transaction limits when using Interac® Online.

  • $1,500 daily transaction limit
  • $10,000 weekly transaction limit

Can I use Interac® Online with my business account?
Yes. If you have access to Small Business online banking, you can use this service. However, if your business account requires two signatures to process transactions, then this service isn't available.

What happens if I need to return an item or cancel a purchase?
Before you purchase online, it is important to check the online retailer’s return/refund policy. If you need to return your purchase, you'll need to contact the online retailer directly.

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