Envision Financial

Foreign Exchange Rates

U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate

(Rates effective 16-08-2019)

Buying Selling
United States (Dollar) - Cash 1.3582 1.2982
United States (Dollar) - Cheque 1.3552 1.3012

Our U.S. Dollar exchange rates are updated daily. If you would like to buy or sell U.S. cash, come see us in branch today. All our branches carry U.S. dollar bills and all Envision Financial ATMs conveniently dispense U.S. currency. We also offer Sterling Pound cash and Euro cheques.

NOTE 1: Buying and Selling rates are listed from the member perspective.

NOTE 2: These are current cheque rates. Rates in effect to maximum of $10,000 USD. If you require an amount in excess of these limits, you must obtain the booked rate from your branch.

Are you travelling outside of Canada or the US?

Although you can plan to get local currency when you reach your destination, that’s not always the easiest or cheapest option. You can instead exchange foreign currency near you.

If you need to purchase or sell foreign currency, visit one of our branches and we would be happy to assist. We’ll help you avoid steep international ATM fees by buying and selling in 50+ different currencies.

You can then pick up your foreign currency at your branch of choice, typically within 1-3 business days, so make sure to place your order in advance of your trip.